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Hair Care Tips

Washing & Conditioning Wig

STEP 1: Wash your wig with clarifying shampoo. These shampoos are made to wash away any build-up in your wig 

STEP 2:  After washing your wig apply a deep conditioner for your wig. I would highly recommend an organic deep conditioner for wig. PLEASE USE A WIG BRUSH OR WIDE TOOTH COMB ON WIG!!! comb wig out while hair has the deep conditioner, comb the ends of the hair and gradually comb upwards to the roots. 

STEP 3:  Once your wig has been washed and condition please use hand to squeeze out excessive water from wig. Hang wig out and allow 3 days for wig to dry

Coloring and Bleaching Wig

Changing your wig color is possible if done 3 to 5 weeks interval. Bright colors would require you to bleach your wig before applying hair dye. Keep in mind that bleaching your wig will strip your wig of its natural nutrients and leave the hair bare. 

Styling Wig

Please comb wig every morning before wearing. Gently brush your wig from the ends towards the root of your wig. Treat wig like it's your own hair. No oil or heavy styling tools. 

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